HENRYTAXI provides Corporate Service for companies as well as privates.


Corporate Service is an easy way to track and manage transportation expanses, such as reservations for employees and customers, thus helping the management of your company. Let HENRYTAXI Service be your ride to conventions, hotels, airports, local bars, restaurants or any place you might wish to go to.


HENRYTAXI offers several corporate account options. Depending upon the number of people in the office, the frequency of trips per week, the distance of the trips and several other factors, HENRYTAXI can offer a plan to meet the needs of you and your office.

Upon calling, you must indicate that this is a corporate account ride and offer the company name or specific corporate account number. This ensures that not only do we keep your account current, but also that your call will be placed as a priority.

Once a week HENRYTAXI will send a detailed transport summary indicating the date, time, pick up, drop off and rate information.